Speaking in a recent interview with Total Rock Radio, Sepultura guitarist Andreas Kisser has shared the process of their upcoming album. According to Kisser, Sepultura is working on a new studio album. He said:

“Already, me, Eloy [Casagrande, drums], Derrick [Green, vocals] and Paulo [Xisto Pinto Jr., bass], we have a few ideas, so we have where to start from – a few songs in demo version.

And we still have to develop [them] and stuff. We don’t still have a kind of a direction or a theme or something, but it’s getting there. We still like to enjoy a lot the road, and we don’t write that much on the road as a band. Yeah, it’s going, but it’s still early.”

Sepultura’s last album “Machine Messiah” was released in January 2017, you can check out the “Phantom Self” single below.

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