Brazillian metal band Sepultura prapering to release their forthcoming album called “Machine Messiah”. It will release in January 2017.

“Machine Messiah”, as you can imagine, inspired by the robotization of whole world, the disc was produced by the band and Jens Bogren, who was produced for Sailwork, Opeth and Amon Amarth. 

Sepultura guitarist Andreas Kisser talked with Team Rock and he explained their inspiration on the new album. He says:

“The main inspiration around “Machine Messiah” is the robotisation of our society nowadays. The concept of a God Machine who created humanity and now it seems that this cycle is closing itself, returning to the starting point. We came from machines and we are going back to where we came from. The messiah, when he returns, will be a robot, or an humanoid, our bio-mechanical savior.

Here is the track listing of “Machine Messiah”:

1. Machine Messiah
2. I Am The Enemy
3. Phantom Self
4. Alethea
5. Iceberg Dances
6. Sworn Oath
7. Resistant Parasites
8. Silent Violence
9. Vandals Nest
10. Cyber God