Sepultura’s guitarist Andreas Kisser says something about his band’s former vocalist Max Cavalera. He spoke in an interview with Hot Metal. He said:

“Since Max left, we never tried to replace him. Derrick [Green] is such a different guy, a different musician. He doesn’t have the guitar playing of the thrash school. That’s why he doesn’t play guitar.

But we use new elements and we take Sepultura to different ways and different levels and different experiences. So in that sense, there is nothing to be missed. It’s something that we are not trying to reproduce something that was done before. But rather we do what we do today.”

He also mention about their current vocalist Derrick. Here:

I think that’s why we’re still here – we take Sepultura to new levels, and regardless of the formation.

Derrick’s an amazing guy. I’m so glad he’s with us. We went through a lot of criticism and a lot of fucked up accusations and all that bullshit. Derrick’s here 20 years on doing an amazing job. I’m so glad we have him in the band. It really helped to keep Sepultura alive strong and well.

It was not easy to be here, especially for him to be fronting Sepultura after Max, and, of course, Max is very charismatic and very strong onstage and everything. But Derrick found his way and he found his own way to represent Sepultura and that’s fantastic. He’s a great partner in crime, for sure.”

Sepultura’s new album Messiah Machine was released on January 13, 2017. You can listen their latest single track “Phantom Self”, from below.