Deftones’ ex-bassist Sergio Vega opened up about his departure from the band during his recent interview with The Jasta Show. The musician explained the situation by sharing his ideas.

Vega briefly replaced bassist Chi Cheng who had toe surgery in 1999; then, he became an official member of Deftones when Cheng had a severe car accident that heavily injured him in 2008. Since then, the bassist has drawn significant attention with his extraordinary talent and performance.

He took place in the band’s various successful albums, but the last year Vega had time to think about his place in Deftones. Vega clarified the situation a short time ago, saying he decided to leave the band after the bassist couldn’t get a new contract with better conditions.

The musician highlighted that there wasn’t any dramatic or crazy occasion between him and the remaining band members. Vega stated that he wanted to tell every detail without hiding any secret from the fans for transparency. Still, he understood that some of them couldn’t pay attention to the inner dynamics.

In his interview, Vega stated:

“Fans should know the understanding of how things are because it’s not inherently dramatic or crazy. Things are running their course, but since nothing is being said, it can lead to speculation. People are traveling, investing time and effort. It means something.

So to me, that’s something to speak about and say, ‘This is what’s going on.’ For the most part, some people got it, and some didn’t. They got it, but maybe because we don’t have the luxury of understanding all the inner workings of something.”

You can check out the interview below.