Former Deftones bassist Sergio Vega recently joined Guitar World for an interview and revealed his favorite song from the band’s music catalog.

Sergio Vega joined Deftones back in 1999 after the band’s bassist Chi Cheng went under surgery which made him unable to perform. Unfortunately, Cheng got fatally injured after a car accident in 2008, resulting in him entering a coma-like state.

After this tragic incident, Vega ended up becoming Deftones’ full-time bassist. In the following years, he contributed to the band’s four albums. In March 2022, Deftones uploaded a band photo to Spotify, but it raised eyebrows as Vega wasn’t there in the picture.

When fans began to speculate whether Vega left Deftones, the bassist decided to announce on his Instagram to clear the air. In the post, he stated that he left Deftones early last year because he began to question his place in the band when they didn’t renew his contract.

Speaking to Guitar World, Vega revealed that his top song to play live throughout his career with Deftones was ‘Lifter.’ Asked if he considered playing fingerstyle guitar like Cheng, Vega said he didn’t because he instead focused on the similarities in their styles.

In the interview, Guitar World asked Sergio Vega the following:

“Looking back on your time in the band, what were your favorite tracks to play live from the early records, and did you ever consider playing fingerstyle as Chi did?”

Vega then responded:

I think ‘Lifter’ was always at the top for me. I think that’s my all-time favorite Deftones song. It always sounds really awesome to my ears. As for playing fingerstyle, not really. What I latched onto more were the similarities in our styles; the way our parts are constructed is of a similar philosophy.”

You can listen to Deftones’ ‘Lifter’ below.