Sex Pistols’ John Lydon Recalls His Struggle With Memory Loss

Sex Pistols lead vocalist John Lydon opened up about the challenging process of losing his memory and his wife Nora’s struggle with Alzheimer’s disease during a recent interview with iNews.

John Lydon, who has been married to Nora Forster for 45 years, revealed in 2018 that she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. As he mentioned in the previous interviews, they both faced many difficulties during this process.

He stated that her situation worsened day by day because she suffered from partial and sometimes complete memory loss. Although there have been many hardships, Lydon indicates that he will always be there for his wife.

Apart from his wife’s condition, the singer experienced memory loss due to meningitis, a difficult period in his life. Thus, he understands the hardships of not being attached to the proper timeline of his life.

Lydon revealed in a recent conversation that he’s still scared of waking up one day and not remembering anything. According to the rocker, losing memory is the loneliest feeling, and he understands his wife’s condition. However, he’s lucky that he got his memories while his wife still has to live with Alzheimer’s disease.

About struggling with memory loss, John Lydon explained:

“To this day, I’m scared of going to sleep every night in case I wake up in that condition again. It’s the loneliest feeling in the whole world. I understand Nora’s situation. I know what torment that is. I was lucky. My memories came back. She’s doomed.”

Apart from reflecting on his experiences, John Lydon talked about his wife Nora’s health condition by mentioning it was a challenging process. He said it was much harder to deal with her memory loss in the first stages.