Famous radio host, Howard Stern posted a new tweet on Ster Show’s official Twitter account and revealed a short interview of Sharon Osbourne. As you will see below, Sharon Osbourne reveals how Ozzy tricked by her.

Sharon said that she was sending Ozzy Osbourne to the rehab center about his serious alcohol issues but Ozzy has tought that the real reason going there was to learn to drink responsibly.

Here is the conversation, transcribed by Alternative Nation:

Ozzy Osbourne:

“I go in there, like a Georgia Armani suit and everything, I got my a tie, and I’m ready to go. I go, ‘Can you direct me to the cocktail bar?’ They all look at me like I just landed from Mars.”

Howard Stern:

“You go to Betty Ford and ask them for the cocktail bar?”


“That’s what I did man. Then they go like, ‘[No].’”


“You can’t have anything.”


“The doors are closed, and Betty Ford walks in.”


“Betty Ford actually showed up?”


“I spoke to her on several occasions. I think I did.”

You can see the tweet below.