During the conversation with The Talk, Ozzy Osbourne’s lovely wife Sharon Osbourne has revealed why she actually feels good after Ozzy’s Parkinson’s Disease diagnosis.

In the clip of this talk, Sharon Osbourne stated that the music community and lots of friends have been showing their goodwill and love after the diagnosis of Ozzy.

Thanks to this unity for Ozzy Osbourne, Sharon actually feels really good and strong due to the support from all around the world.

Here is what Sharon Osbourne said:

“I feel really good, I feel really strong. People have been amazing with their outpouring love for my husband, and I thank you…

Friends that we haven’t spoken each to years have come out and supporting Ozzy and it makes me feel good. So thank you, everybody, thank you.”

A fan named Shells Healey wrote this:

“If she isn’t the epitome of #strong #brave #eloquent #loveher sending positive vibes to #MrsO and the whole family and to her cohosts because you ladies rock #support”

Another  fan named Billye Moutra said:

“Prayers are coming all the way from Missouri City, Texas. 🙏🙏🙏”

You can check the clip below.