Slipknot percussionist and co-founder of the band, Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan, was the latest interview guest of Knotfest’s official YouTube channel and talked about the live stream event of Slipknot as well as the latest presidential election in The United States.

As you may already know, Joe Biden was the winner of the 59th quadrennial presidential election which held on November 3, 2020. With his running mate Kamala Harris, Biden managed to get 306 electoral votes and got 81+ million popular votes with a percentage of 51.3.

In his latest interview with Mosh Talks this week, he stated that he can not fully explain what happened to the White House after the elections and the riots. In the same interview, he was also asked why Slipknot chose not to make any live stream event during the coronavirus outbreak days.

Here is what Clown said:

“In my opinion, it’s just too soon. I mean, the vaccine isn’t even available to everyone yet. We can’t fully explain what happened to the White House. We don’t even understand what the hell’s going on with our own problems as humans, let alone try to put together a livestream and make it translate to someone like you who wants it so badly in the room you’re in. I take that very, very, very, very serious… The point is, for Slipknot, being a very visual band, and beyond the art side of it, the music side…

I mean, I don’t know how I get together with everybody on lockdown, go through a set to make special for you, where we are convinced that it’s coming through to you absolutely the way you need it. I need time for that. I don’t know if everybody’s got time. We’re not even allowed to get out of the house in some places.”

He continued:

“I do realize many bands have done it, and I realize it works,” he continued. “I realize fans like it. But for Slipknot, I don’t see it being much longer. A live album never even came to mind. A livestream — I have people breathing down my neck about a livestream.

I will not waste money on a livestream, because if I am, it’s gotta be wasted on you. I can’t just get with a bunch of people that, all of a sudden, may or may not be working and aren’t used to taking two and a half years off and having to figure out what to do.”

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