In a recent interview with Metal Hammer, Simon Crahan of Vended shared his thoughts on how his drumming skills are better than his father, Shawn’ Clown’ Crahan.

Vended started their musical journey just a few years ago. Despite being new to the business, the two sons have already made a splash in the industry. Griffin Taylor formed the rock band in 2018 with lead guitarist Cole Espeland.

The group is best known for Griffin Taylor and Simon Crahan, sons of famous Slipknot members Corey Taylor and Shawn Crahan. Although the band is trying to establish its own identity in the industry, having famous fathers adds to the comparison.

Simon Crahan has stated that he doesn’t care when people compare Vended to Slipknot. He added that he plays the drums better than his father and that Griffin Taylor resembles his father but believes he will be better than him in the future.

Simon Crahan’s words about his drumming skills:

“I don’t have a problem with people relating us to Slipknot. I mean, look at our fathers, it’s going to be there. I play better than my father, and that’s a fact, and when people say Griffin sounds like his dad, well, duh, that’s obvious. I honestly think he is going to be better than his dad.”

Vended released their new track, ‘Ded To Me.’ The band is on the road for a European tour that started in Romania in July.

You can listen to ‘Ded To Me’ below.