In an interview with Forbes, Slipknot’s Shawn Crahan said that he can already imagine Corey Taylor on the stage filled with tears during the upcoming Slipknot show.

As you know, Slipknot has been working on making a new record during the lockdown. The highly anticipated album will be a follow-up to their ‘We Are Not Your Kind,’ released back in 2019. Barely giving any details about the album, the band seems to be enjoying keeping their fans at the edge of their seat.

Apart from making an album, the band has plans to get back on the stage as well. As announced, Slipknot is now one of the headliners of Rocklahoma Shows in September 2021, along with Limp Bizkit and Rob Zombie. This appearance at the Rocklahoma will be just before Slipknot’s return with their Knotfest Roadshow.

In an interview by Forbes, Shawn Crahan talked about Slipknot’s new record and their return to the stage. Speaking about their upcoming shows, Crahan said September was always in their heads as the month of their comeback. Following that, he revealed that he believes ‘nothing is going to miss a beat.’ Crahan then added he can foresee Corey Taylor choked up and in tears as it will be so emotional to be back on the stage.

Crahan told Forbes that:

“We never wanted to get into it any earlier, and I’m aware there’s plenty of people doing that. I don’t know if that’s right or wrong, I just know September was always in our heads, it was just normal business.

I honestly believe by the time we hit the stage on the proper tour, not meaning the few little shows we have to get ready for before the Knotfest Roadshow, but I feel like nothing is going to miss a beat. I’ve foreseen this, I’ve foreseen Corey Taylor being very choked up and in tears because it’s so emotional to be back.”

The recent tragic passing of Joey Jordison saddened the Slipknot fans, the band members, and their fellow musicians. Although Joey had parted ways with Slipknot in 2013, his legacy will probably still be chreished in Slipknot’s upcoming shows.