In a recent interview with Forbes, Slipknot percussionist Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan talked about the band and its legacy.

Slipknot is one of the most famous metal bands in the world, and it is not only the music they create. Besides the quality music, Slipknot also gives incredible live shows and events as well.

In the conversation, Clown explained why ‘Knotfest’ is so important for Slipknot, Slipknot fans, and the metal community in general. As Clown said, it is what people have learned in the rock n’ roll Ph.D.

Furthermore, Clown pointed out that many people enjoy visiting the ‘Slipknot Museum’ in Knotfest and said that this is why he has been collecting every memorial thing to exhibit it in the museum.

Clown mentioned that he is doing such a thing because Slipknot is not only a band when compared to others. According to Clown, Slipknot is beyond a metal band; it also represents a culture for most people.

During the conversation with Forbes, the interviewer asked:

“As it relates to Knotfest, Clown, in what ways has putting together and designing Knotfest changed over the years since you first started it in 2012?”

Clown shared his honest opinion about Slipknot and Knotfest in his reply:

“That’s a really good question and I’m very pleased that you asked, because I think it’s very pertinent to what we’re trying to accomplish as an art form. For example, I know a lot of people bring up the museum.

I’m a collector of everything that we are, and I’ve made sure that we display what we can any place there’s a teepee to share it with the people who need Slipknot in their life, because we’re a culture and not a band. So I had this idea of you being able to be close to something that’s essentially on and or in the album cover.

When you can see something in 3D and smell it, hold it, touch it, then you go to that very linear album cover that’s black and where you used your imagination, and now you can go to all of these parallel lines.”

He continued:

Knotfest is very special in the thought, the process, it’s an art form in itself and it’s what people like myself have learned in the rock n’ roll PhD. When you put someone like me and you put them around the world, I’m going to learn.

Make us headline a festival, make us be on a festival, I’m going to walk the grounds, taste the food, I’m going to watch the people, I’m going to do all of that, and then I’m going to apply it to my brain.

That festival is an art form, and it’s always being built and I think it’s taken a very long time for us to explain it, and to explain it you must come to it.”

Later in the conversation, Clown also talked about how he and Slipknot are preparing for their upcoming shows after having a long-time break due to the Covid-19 pandemic.