The well-known rock music veteran and talented guitarist, Ted Nugent’s long-time wife and famous fitness community member, Shemane Nugent shared a new photo on her verified Instagram page today.

As you will see the Instagram photo right below, Shemane is hugging her dancing partner, Brad Jamison and wrote the story of the photo in the caption. Shemane’s husband Ted Nugent didn’t make any comment about the photo and remained his silence.

You can read the caption below.

“The Patron Party for Dancing with the Local Stars – Naples got a little out of control last night! Another competitor Brad Jamison threatened to “Tonya Harding” me! 😳 🔨

Actually it was all in good fun! (Seriously though, look at the expression on his face!! Intense!)

Need your support! 50% of the overall score is up to YOU!! Please vote!  There’s a clickable link in profile!
#dancing #dance  #humanesociety #naples”

A user named nieceyshere made the most-liked comment:

“You are going to be amazing!! You have my vote. It has been a lot of fun seeing you practicing and above all, having a blast while doing it!! 😍💪🏻🔥”

You can see the photo right below.