Speaking to Kaaos TV, Shinedown drummer Barry Kerch has revealed his favorite rock bands at the moment. He has praised Halestorm and Foo Fighters.

Interviewer asked ‘best rock band on the planet at the moment?’, Barry responded:

“Um, Halestorm is a great band, I support my label-mates, they’re on the label with us. I would go with Foo Fighters, of course, that’s a hell of a talent.

I think if you’re out there and you’re doing this successful touring, you’re all great, this is not easy work, and people realize the amount that goes into it.”

On current state of rock music, he said:

“I think rock ‘n’ roll, as a whole, is doing well. It’s doing really well. I think a lot of times it gets branded into such smaller genres – this is ‘active rock,’ this is ‘alternative,’ this is ‘mainstream.’

That’s all rock and roll, and all of that is doing well, but if you break it down into little things, sometimes it looks like it might not be doing well.

I agree with him that songwriting is the key. There’s been a lot of people that aren’t writing good songs because they’re just putting stuff out there.

You buy an album because you hear a song on the radio, then you buy the record and the rest of the album is just garbage. That happens a lot.”

Watch the entire interview below. Click here to source of the statement.