Shinedown drummer Barry Kerch announced that he recently tested positive for Covid-19 by sharing a new post on Shinedown’s official Instagram account.

In the announcement, Barry touched upon the fact that he hasn’t missed a single show in his twenty-year career with Shinedown but admitted that he has to rest for a while now because he contracted the virus.

Barry stated that he got fully vaccinated back in April 2021 and followed all the restrictions. Nevertheless, he somehow got the virus in the end. Fortunately, he will get through the disease pretty easily thanks to the vaccines.

While Barry was saying that he is in quarantine right now in order to get through this disease and not spread it to anyone else, he also mentioned that he had some of the symptoms but stressed that his health condition is pretty well.

Even though Barry feels great in the meantime, he didn’t want to put everyone around him at risk and that’s why he has decided not to participate in the live shows of Shinedown. Instead, Dustin Steinke will be standing in for him.

Barry Kerch announced his test results in the Instagram post:

“In the 20 years of Shinedown, I have never missed a show — until now. I regret to say that I, unfortunately, during rehearsals, contracted COVID. And before you get all crazy on me, I got fully vaccinated in April. I followed all the rules — wore masks, washed my hands, et cetera.

Unfortunately, I’m one of those ones that got it even though I was vaccinated. So, unfortunately, I’m still testing positive. I’m quarantined. My health is good, which is good news.

I’ve had symptoms, but I’m okay, and I will be okay. But until I finish my quarantine and test’s negative, I’m stuck in these four walls. I can’t risk it for my band and my crew; they’re all doing fine.”

He continued:

“That being said, woe is me — move on. The shows are still gonna happen. Our good friend Dustin Steinke — I remember him from a wonderful band called Sixx: A.M. — he’s gonna be filling in for me.

And he’s gonna kick ass, and the band’s gonna kick ass. And I’m happy that the shows can continue on. And as soon as I’m healthy and able, I’ll get back out there. So that’s the news, folks. Till next time.”

You can check out the video below.