Shinedown’s lead vocalist Brent Smith recently joined in an interview with Louder Sound and answered the questions about his musical career and personal life. In the interview, Smith detailed his stage fright by saying he felt ‘terrified’ while on stage.

Founded by Brent Smith in 2001, Shinedown currently consists of Barry Kerch, Zach Myers, and Eric Bass. The band gained recognition from the very first album, ‘Leave a Whisper,’ in 2003. It sold more than one million, and the singles reached high places on the charts. The band hit the road for a tour and played in over 400 shows a year.

The group’s achievements continued with the records like ‘Us and Them’ and ‘Threat to Survival.’ The most recent album, ‘Attention Attention,’ came out in 2018 as a concept album. The four singles ‘Devil,’ ‘Get Up,’ ‘Monsters,’ and ‘Attention Attention’ became number one on the Billboard chart. The band also headlined a US tour in 2019 to support the record.

The band’s tours for album promotions are often extensive and long-term. Although this is something that keeps their excitement high, it can also bring some difficulties. Hence, the lead vocalist Brent Smith recently revealed his stage fright by detailing.

When Smith was asked during the interview how he felt performing in front of many people, the rocker responded by saying he felt ‘terrified.’ As Smith stated, he was so nervous that he became almost sick on stage. Throughout the performances, Brent tried to control his fears. He continued and said, at the same time, that it was a thing that kept him alive.

Brent Smith explained when asked about being on stage in front of many people:

“I’m terrified. I’m so nervous I’m close to the point of getting sick. There is this thing that washes over me right before I walk on stage that is every single fear I have in my life; all of them, like a gang of them, they all get in front of me.

But it lets me know I’m alive. It lets me know that it still means everything to me. Normally I settle in after the first chorus. What happens then, for the entire two hours, is me negotiating with my fears.”

Though Smith fears being on stage, he’ll hit the road sometime soon since the band has an upcoming seventh studio album on the way. Titled ‘Planet Zero,’ the record will come out on July 1, 2022, after being postponed due to a delay in CD and vinyl production with an original release date of April 22, 2022.