Speaking to The Morning Blaze, Shinedown singer Brent Smith has shared his thoughts about the songwriting process of their upcoming album. He said that ‘the fact of the matter is we don’t wanna write the same record over and over again’.

Here’s the statement:

“We try not to compare anything and put it in the idea of, ‘I need to beat the last record that we did’. The way that we look at is we’re never gonna phone an album in, just like we’re never gonna phone in writing a song.

But the fact of the matter is we don’t wanna write the same record over and over again, and we definitely don’t write the same song over and over again. So I think, for us, it’s more about looking at where we are at the time and deciding what direction we need to go in.”

On their recent album “Attention Attention”, he said:

“One of the things we did differently on [Shinedown’s latest album, ‘Attention Attention’] was we didn’t even consider any other producers. We’ve had some great teachers over the years — male and female — but it was time for us to do it ourselves.

So we did the album in-house. And Eric Bass, who is our bass player, who is way more than just a bass player, he took the reins and he took the position. A lot of people may not know this, but Eric is the producer of ‘Attention Attention’. He also is the main engineer of the record and he mixed the album.

We had been getting closer and closer to being able to really look at the big picture here and let him do the entire record. ‘Cause he’s actually done other songs that… ‘Cause he is the producer and he engineered the song ‘Diamond Eyes’; he was also a songwriter on that. He engineered and he produced the song ‘Cut The Cord’, which was the first single off of ‘Threat To Survival’.

And he’s done a number of other songs in a single mentality. But it was time for him to take on an entire record, and he was the right guy for the job. He had a good quote about it too… He said, ‘I’d rather go crazy making it myself rather than watch someone else go crazy trying to make it.'”

You can reach the entire interview from below. Source of the statement: Blabbermouth.