In a recent interview with Metal Hammer, Blothar The Berserker talked about when Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl almost joined Gwar.

Gwar has been in the industry since 1984 and has released fifteen studio albums. What makes them stand out is their willingness to push the boundaries of what can be achieved with music and stage presence.

The group is known for using sci-fi elements with a grotesque style. Following their fourteenth studio album ‘The Blood of Gods’ released in 2017, the band released their latest album ‘The New Dark Ages’ on June 3, 2022.

During a new conversation, Blothar stated the band and Dave Grohl were both parts of the regional punk rock scene and had mutual connections. Grohl was in the market for a new band after his time with Scream. Blothar added that they even picked a character for him before Grohl changed his mind. He said that the ex-Nirvana drummer probably saw Gwar as a tough group to join.

Blothar’s words on Dave Grohl nearly joining Gwar:

“Gwar and Dave Grohl were part of the regional punk rock scene. Dave was friends with the old guitar player from Gwar, and when he was interested in leaving Scream, Gwar was looking for a new drummer at the same time.

We sent him an invitation and talked to him about it, and he was serious. He made up a character for it. But I think he had enough sense to see that Gwar was a pain in the ass, a hard band to be in. Shame. He could’ve been enjoying this all these years.”

The band recently announced the fall 2022 North American leg of the ‘The Black Death Rager World Tour in support of the band’s critically acclaimed studio album ‘The New Dark Ages.’ The tour will begin September 10 in Virginia and continue through November 3 in Baltimore, Maryland.