Sir Elton John recently shared an Instagram post from last year’s EJAF Oscars. He announced that the EJAF Oscars would be open up to the whole world for the first time this year.

EJAF stands for Elton John AIDS Foundation which was founded by Sir Elton John himself to support the people living with AIDS along with thousands of children orphaned by AIDS Since 1992, the foundation has been raising funds to fight Aids as a global pandemic. Many lives have been saved thanks to early diagnosing and treatments.

On April 25, 2021, the 29th annual Elton John Aids Foundation pre-party and viewing will be online. It will be hosted by Neil Patrick Harris and will include many Grammy award winner celebrity performances. In his Instagram post, Sir Elton John invited people from all around the world to join his iconic Oscar party.

Also, it will be the first time for the history of the EJAF Oscars. He encouraged his fans and followers to support the foundation buying the tickets cost €14.99/$19.99 which can touch many lives during the fight with AIDS.

Here’s what he wrote:

“What an incredible feeling it was to walk into EJAF Oscars past year after mine and Bernie Taupin’s win! What’s even better was the millions we raised for my foundation, EJAF.

As you know, I have spent my life doing what I can to end the stigma around AIDS with the goal to end this disease once and for all. I hope you will join us on Sunday as we open up this iconic party to the world for the first time ever. Tickets cost just €14.99/$19.99 but will help us achieve so much good.”

You can see the original post below.