The legendary British rockstar Elton John posted a new photo of him and Japanese-British singer-songwriter Rina Sawayama today and announced that they will make a special duet with Rina and rework her iconic song.

As you may already remember, Sir Elton John shared a couple of other posts about Rina Sawayama and her not being nominated to ‘British Awards’ and ‘Mercury Award’ last year. After all the support and campaigns on social media, British Phonographic Industry has decided to change the rules of eligibility to nominate Sawanaya to the awards without British citizenship.

Today, Elton took his official Instagram account about Sawayama once again and announced their new project. According to the caption of the post, they will cover Rina’s banger song ‘Chosen Family’ together and the song will be released on Wednesday via whole streaming platforms.

Here is what Elton John wrote in the caption:

“I was blown away when I first heard Rina Sawayama and Chosen Family is such a special song. It was a huge honor and genuine thrill to be asked to duet with Rina and rework the song.

I hope you enjoy the track as much as I enjoyed the experience of making it Exx.”

You can check out the photo and the original version of the song below.

Photo Credit: Elton John – Instagram