The iconic English rockstar, Elton John, recently posted two videos and a photo on his Instagram account and celebrated the 80th birthday of the world-famous Grammy award winner singer/songwriter who also introduced Elton John on his first show in the United States.

There is no doubt that Elton John is one of the most accomplished and renowned rockstars of all time. Aside from his successful music career, which he has been leading since 1962, Elton John is also known for his sensitivity towards important social issues and his unending support for charities and projects. All these were congratulated by Queen Elizabeth II in 1998, who knighted Elton John.

Being such a successful and influential figure obviously raises the question of whether Sir Elton John’s work was appreciated since day one. In his recent Instagram post, he praised a world-famous singer and songwriter who supported him at the beginning of his career and said that his kindness stayed with him forever.

Neil Diamond is one of the most successful musicians of all time, and as it turns out, he really helped Elton John while he was trying to make it as a musician. Neil Diamond has had ten Number 1 singles on the ‘Hot 100’ and ‘Adult Contemporary’ charts and he was inducted to both the Songwriters Hall of Fame and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame after his mainstream success.

Although he has received numerous awards and has achieved great success, this has apparently not changed his kind attitude towards others. In his recent Instagram post, Elton John posted a video in which he thanked Neil Diamond for his kindness and support and stated that he is ‘one of the all-time greats‘ and that it has been an honor to hang out with him.

Here’s what Elton John said in the video:

“Happy 80th birthday Neil. I will never ever forget the kindness you showed me at the beginning of my career, it stayed with me forever. As has your songwriting, your records, your talent, your performances. You are one of the all-time greats and it has been my privilege to have spent some time with you. So, I hope you have the best day and I send you an ocean and a tsunami of love from England.”

Here’s what Elton John said in the caption of his recent Instagram post:

“Happy 80th birthday Neil Diamond. Neil is one of the all-time great singers/songwriters and performers. He introduced me on stage at my first ever show in America, at Troubadour in LA, and wrote me this lovely note. That show changed my life and Neil was a huge part of it – I will never forget the kindness he showed me.”

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