Sir Elton John called out the UK prime minister Boris Johnson about the AIDS problem by sharing an open letter via Elton John AIDS Foundation.

As you might already know, Elton John has been fighting against HIV and AIDS for the past forty years, and he also has been announcing charity events for his ‘Elton John AIDS Foundation’ to fight against this devastating virus.

However, the coronavirus outbreak hit the world last year, and it also affected the war against AIDS. According to Elton, HIV prevention and treatment services shut down following the coronavirus pandemic.

While Elton was saying that this is a huge step back on their progress, he also sent an open letter to UK prime minister Boris Johnson to help their causes and mentioned that the world needs to take this health problem seriously.

Here is the open letter that Elton John wrote:

“Dear Prime Minister,

We face a new AIDS emergency, and we need your help. We are writing to you as Chair of this year’s G7 summit.

While naturally Covid-19 is currently dominating the agenda, it is vital that you and your fellow leaders also protect and build on what we have achieved in the fight to end AIDS and use that in the struggle against Covid-19.

The world has pledged to end AIDS by 2030, and over the last two decades we have made huge progress. In 2005 the UK led the G8 countries in committing to HIV treatment for all, since when AIDS-related deaths have fallen from almost 2 million in 2005 to 690,000 in 2019.”

Elton John continued:

“The Covid-19 crisis has shut down HIV prevention and treatment services, in many countries literally overnight.

It has cut off millions of girls from school, and driven up poverty, gender-based violence and human rights violations. All of these factors increase people’s risks of acquiring HIV or of developing AIDS.

As leaders and champions of the global HIV response, we now fear that the number of new HIV infections and AIDS-related deaths will climb again.

At its peak, the AIDS pandemic slashed life expectancy in some countries by 20 years and killed off a generation of people at their most productive age, claiming 35 million lives, leaving millions of children orphaned and devastating national economies.

Combined with the Covid-19 crisis, a resurgent AIDS emergency could be catastrophic. These dangers are real but can be overcome through smart global action.”

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