The legendary musician Sir Elton John posted a photo and the videos of his first-ever performance in America fifty years ago and shared the story of how it shifted his whole life afterward.

British rock icon Elton John started his career as a pianist at a nearby pub while he was 15 years old. Meeting with the lyricist Bernie Taupin in 1962, John started a partnership that still continues today. Since then, Elton John has sold over 300 million records and became one of the best-selling music artists of all time.

Recently on Instagram, the British singer, pianist, and composer Elton John posted a photo and the videos of his first appearance at a show in America. Apparently, 50 years ago today, John performed at The Troubadour in front of the American audience for the first time and he managed to gain their appreciation for his performance.

Furthermore, Sir Elton John revealed how he actually felt during the show. John mentioned he realized that everything was about to change in his life shortly after his performance. In his recent post, Elton shared both the original footage of his first show in America and also the scene from the film, ‘Rocketman.’

Here’s what Elton John stated on the caption of his post:

50 years ago today, I played in America for the first time at The Troubadour. As I wrote in British GQ last week, that show changed my life. When I walked on stage on August 25, 1970, I was just a little-known pop singer from England. It didn’t take me long to realize afterward, though, that things would never be the same again.

Swipe through to see original video from that show, plus the scene from Rocketman movie that captured the emotions from that night so beautifully. 🚀”

You can see the photo Sir Elton John posted on his Instagram account below.