The legendary musician Sir Elton John posted a video of himself with the young musician duo named ‘Surfaces‘ on Instagram and he looked like having a great time.

British rock icon Sir Elton John is known for his support for the new generation musicians for a long time now. He has been showing the way for those talented artists to become a star like himself.

Recently on Instagram, Elton John posted a video of himself with the young musicians called ‘Surfaces.’ In the video, they were dancing and having a great time while listening to their new song ‘Learn to Fly‘ collaborated with Elton John.

On the caption of the post, Sir Elton John wrote:

I had so much fun collaborating with Surfaces Music – these guys are terrific!

‘Learn to Fly’ is out tomorrow 🚀

The fans and friends on Instagram loved the new collaboration and responded with many comments.

An Instagram user named Pamela Mahon wrote:

“Always looking for the latest and. greatest ways to keep the music going and relevant. ❤️💕❤️

A fan named Linda Dupuis stated:

Wow!!! Amazing fun there!!! This is so nice!!! 💜⭐️💕👍

Another fan named Jessica Eliades commented:

Love love this song. Elton, you are amazing!!

You can see the video Sir Elton John posted on Instagram below.