U2 icon Bono has been sharing lots of letters for the community for days, and this time, he wrote a letter for Sir Elton John to pay his tribute to another legend.

In the letter, Bono revealed how influential musician Elton John for him and how he changed his life when he was 14. With this emotional letter, Bono showed his gratitude to Elton and stated that he is a big fan of him.

After reading these gentle words from Bono, Elton John couldn’t hold himself and thanked him on Instagram. Elton said that this was a really kind behavior from Bono, and he humbled that his songs had such a profound effect on Bono’s life.

Here is the letter of Bono:

“Dear Elton and Bernie,

Of all people. you both know sometimes songs are not what they were meant to mean, but rather what they need to mean to someone. I was 14. In a fox hole In Vietnam and fighting with my brother, Norman, at the time. It was some kind of civil war…

The kind that follows a convulsion, a revolution, or a great bereavement where the world around you caves in and despots are required to restore order… But at the time it might just have been that I borrowed his Trump 350 without telling him and before I could ride one… The type of problem that might inspire a bro to leave Ireland for the Costa Brava!

Your fan, Bono.”

Elton John wrote:

“It’s so kind of you to include Daniel on such a special playlist. I’m humbled that our song had such a profound effect on you. Your friend, Elton.”

You can check out the conversation below.

Photo Credit: Elton John – Instagram