One of the greatest musicians of all time, Sir Elton John, has shared a new photo with another man on his official Instagram account and explained why this man is so important.

Elton hugs Patrick Knott and appreciates his efforts because he is the man who builds and looks after Elton’s house in Sydney, Australia. After a kind favor from Patrick, Elton wanted to show his gratitude by sharing a picture with him and thanked him on social media.

As of writing this, Elton’s post reached over 19.000 likes and rising quickly. Additionally, most of the fans headed to the comment section and shared their reaction.

Here is what Elton John wrote:

“This is the man responsible for running our household in Sydney. Patrick Knott is an absolute wizard and looked after all our family’s needs. Thank you, Patrick!”

A fan named Lynette Peter said:

“Champion Family. Thank you, Elton, for taking your precious family time to meet your fans Downunder one last time. Totally appreciated. ❤️👌🙏🏼🤗”

Another fan named Michelle added this comment:

“I always tell my boys it doesn’t take much effort to say thank you and I’m sure Patrick got a kick out of this particular appreciation post….well played Elton John!”

You can check the post below.