During a recent interview with a podcast called White Line Fever, Skid Row bassist Rachel Bolan has shared his thoughts about KISS’ farewell tour ‘The End of the Road’.

Bolan claimed that KISS’ End of the Road tour will not gonna be their farewell tour. Here’s the full of statement:

“Man, I have the feeling it’s not gonna be their farewell tour. If you remember, in 2000, we played [KISS’s first] farewell tour.

We opened up for them on the farewell tour, and we were out with them for about nine months. So I have a feeling, as long as they can keep doing it…

Maybe it’ll take a break, maybe it’ll be a decent hiatus, but I have a feeling we’re not gonna see the last of KISS.”

He also shared his opinion on being an opening act for KISS again, and said:

“We would love to be on that. How many times can you say you’ve been on the same band’s farewell tour — twice!?

Being such a huge KISS fan, it’s sad in a way, but they’ve been doing it a long time.”

You can listen to the entire interview below. Click here for the source of the statement. (Blabbermouth)