During a recent conversation at ‘Planet Rock,’ Skid Row guitarist Dave ‘Snake’ Sabo has shared his thoughts about the process on the ‘United World Rebellion’ album, which will be released in 2020. He also explained the heartbreaking news about the album’s release date.

Dave Sabo shared that the band’s new album was completed but they wanted to take a short break before releasing the album. He also added they are in no hurry for the album release.

Here’s what Dave Sabo said:

 “We’re almost done. We finish up this tour on the 9th [of December] and then take a little break for the holidays. Well, not really, ’cause we’re starting some mixes and stuff like that. So we’ll see how that goes.

We’re not in any rush. We don’t wanna put out anything that doesn’t meet what our standards are, if you will — if we have any standards. [Laughs] We wanna make sure that it’s the best thing that we could possibly do at this particular moment in time.”

Dave Sabo said they had found a democratic method about the process of the lyrics, and why they are always acting with the method of ‘The best idea wins.’

He stated:

“Y’know, the thing is the case with the band has always been ‘best idea wins.’ It doesn’t matter who it comes from; it’s a very democratic process, to be quite honest. And [ZPhas] brought some great, great ideas — he’s brought to the table. So, to have that be interjected into the relationship that Rachel [Bolan, bass] and I have as a writing team, it’s inspiring.

It makes me wanna be able to say, ‘Here’s more. What do you think of this? What do you think of this?’ And he’s not shy about hearing something and going, ‘Man, that’s really cool.’ Where I would be, like, ‘Oh, really?‘ I wouldn’t even think twice about it, but then, all of a sudden, he starts going, ‘No, seriously. Do this or do this.’ Then, all of a sudden, you’re going, ‘All right.’ A fresh set of ears and eyes.”

Watch the full conversation below.

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