Former Skid Row and Saigon Kick member, and a famous drummer Phil Varone recently posted a new Facebook text on his verified and official page and slammed Mötley Crüe fans who hammered the band because of the recent reunion announcement.

As you might read his statements right below, Phil said that he’s disgusted by Mötley Crüe fans who angered after the reunion news.

Here is what Phil said:

“After the Motley Crue tour announcement, I was disgusted by the resentment and anger of so-called fans.

My 3 Cents:
If you’re angry that a band is going to tour, even after a farewell tour, then you’re not a fan. A fan would embrace the chance to see their favorite band again, no matter what circumstances surround it.

Bands are very complicated. Being in a band is a full-time job, even when not touring or recording. I don’t expect fans to understand the dynamic of keeping a band functioning, or functional, but it’s a lot harder than you think. A band is made up of band members, each with different personalities, different influences, different goals, different addictions, different problems, different egos, and different ideas.

Phil continued:

“Some members will evolve with age, and some will stay assholes for life. Some may see their part in situations, and some continue to blame others. In many cases, a band or a musician will make rash decisions out of survival and self-preservation. As time passes and tempers calm, a once bad situation may not look that bad when seen though the lucid mind. When that happens, the fans get the greatest gift of all; their favorite band back.

If you love music, if you love Motley Crue, if you love concerts, then you’re getting the greatest gift of all. I will never, ever, ever, ever understand how someone using the moniker of “Fan” can be angry about Motley Crue touring again. Contrary to popular belief, a band has enough problems dealing with the band than trying to mastermind a plan to betray its fans. The only betrayal I see is from the so-called fans talking shit about the band. For that, shame on you.”

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After the Motley Crue tour announcement, I was disgusted by the resentment and anger of so-called fans. My 3 Cents:If…

Gepostet von Phil Varone am Dienstag, 19. November 2019

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