Heavy metal band Skid Row‘s frontman, Sebastian Bach, recently posted a series of tweets, telling his fans who would be a better president than Donald Trump on his official Twitter account.

After the death of George Floyd by police officers, protests have been taking place in the U.S.A. People have been rioting, setting the Minneapolis police station on fire and looting stores. Donald Trump threatened to shoot protesters and his tweet was blocked by Twitter due to glorifying violence.

A twitter user named SueEllenMishky recently tweeted a question on her Twitter that received a lot of traffic. She said:

“Name someone who would be a better president than Donald Trump.”

Many people answered her question with animal pictures and memes. Her tweet received 2K likes. One of the people who answered her question was Skid Row’s frontman, Sebastian Bach.

His first answer was America’s 37th president whose name was involved in the Watergate scandal:

“Richard Nixon”

Sebastian Bach then sent another tweet, naming America’s 43rd president:

“George Bush Jr.”

In his last tweet he said that his gardener would be a better president than Donald Trump:

“My gardener”

Sebastian Bach fans also replied to his tweet. While some of them were reacting to his answer, some of them were answering the question.

Carol said:

“Lol, and accurate”

Tony commented:

“Literally ANYONE!!!”

Danielle said:

“My cat.”

You can see Sebastian Bach’s tweet below.