Former Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach was recently interviewed by Metal Hammer and revealed his favorite musician of all time.

Sebastian revealed that his favorite singer is Rob Halford of Judas Priest. Here is his statements, transcribed by Blabber Mouth.

“My very first impression was, ‘This guy [original vocalist Matt Fallon] is doing an impression of Jon Bon Jovi.’ My vocal tastes were totally not that — my favorite singer was Rob Halford of JUDAS PRIEST, and I was no Rob Halford, but that was my favorite singer.

There was ‘Youth Gone Wild’ on the tape and also ’18 And Life’, and those two songs stuck in my head. I said if I could reinvent the melody lines — especially in ’18 And Life’,’ and put in some Halford-esque kind of notes — I could make this into something that I would really be proud of. You can go through the song and circle the lines — ‘fingers to the bone,’ ‘child blew a child away.”

Sebastian Bach also revealed the secret of how his success. Bach simply said that he didn’t get any help from nobody.

Here is how he continued:

“Every single time my voice goes into that high register, that’s me. Nobody wrote that — nobody said, ‘Here’s how the song goes. Here’s how the melody goes.’ I didn’t understand at that young age that I was writing the melody line. People have told me, ‘Why the fuck didn’t you get a credit on the song?’

I was a little kid — I didn’t know anything. I was like, ‘Can I sing this note?’ Everybody’s like, ‘Fuck yes, you can. Sing that.’ I didn’t realize that that, in other bands, would entitle me to get my name on the song. The last thing I ever thought in a million years was that anybody would like us. [Laughs]”

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