Skid Row recently posted a photo on their official Instagram account with the band’s guitarist Scotti Hill and bassist Rachel Bolan, in which the bandmates seem to be jamming in a recording studio, and signaled that the band has finished preproduction and has started recording.

As you may recall, Skid Row released their most recent album ‘Chapter Two: Rise of the Damnation Army’ in 2014 which was the second ‘chapter’ of their ‘United World Rebellion’ trilogy. Approximately two weeks ago, the band members had posted a photo on Skid Row’s official Instagram account and said that they are about to start the preproduction of their upcoming album.

Soon after that, the band posted another photo insinuating that they’re getting ready to start recording their new album. With their latest post, they confirmed that they’re now in the studio to record that latest chapter of their trilogy. In the photo, the band’s guitarist Scotti Hill and bassist Rachel Bolan can be seen playing their instruments. Nonetheless, the caption read ‘definitely *not* in the studio’ which was not very convincing for their fans.

Here’s what Skid Row said in the caption:

Definitely *not* in the studio.”

You can check out the photo below.

Photo Credit: Skid Row – Instagram