Skid Row star Rachel Bolan was the recent interview guest of Cobras & Fire Podcast and slammed former iconic member of the band, Sebastian Bach with criticizing words.

As closing every possible door for Sebastian Bach to rejoin the band, he said that he would never want to work with him again.

Here is what Rachel said to Cobras & Fire, transcribed by BlabberMouth:

“Another misconception is people think we’re all broke. You don’t sell 20 million records worldwide [and have nothing to show for it] — unless you blew it all.

But they have a conception that we’re broke and that we should get together [with Sebastian] and do one show. It’s, like, okay, where you would like that show? Would you like it in your backyard? We’ll make it easy for you. People just say stuff. They don’t know the ins and outs of everything.

We’re having a blast — we are absolutely having a blast. We’ve got two guys in the band that we couldn’t get along with better. Three of us are in our 50s. And it is what it is, man. But there was no one event. Some people get along; some people don’t get along.”

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