Skid Row guitarist Dave Sabo recently opened up about not having an ongoing relationship with his former bandmate Sebastian Bach during an interview with PTL Vegas.

In 1996, Sebastian Bach parted ways with Skid Row due to unresolved problems within the band. While departing, Bach left insulting messages on Sabo’s answering machine, and the guitarist told him he would never work with him again.

After Rachel Bolan left the band, the remaining members continued with a different band name. In 1999, Skid Row reunited and became the opening act for KISS’ farewell tour that year. They also released the 2003 album ‘Thickskin’ and the 2006 album ‘Revolutions Per Minute.’

Although the fans have always expected a reunion with Bach throughout the years, unfortunately, they have not been given a glimmer of hope. In 2019, Bach issued an open invitation to the band to be a part of their 30th celebration tour. However, Snake declined the vocalist’s request.

In the previous month, Sabo revealed that they had plans to reunite with Bach in 2016. However, as the guitarist indicated, they did not feel good about this idea because of their communication problems. He added that he was content with the band as it was.

In a recent interview, Sabo stated they do not have an ongoing relationship with Bach. He said that more than 20 years have passed since the band’s reunion without Bach, and everyone is now following their own path.

Dave Sabo said the following when asked if he has a relationship with Sebastian Bach:

“Not at all. None. We’ve all moved on. It was an awfully long time ago; we’re talking 23 years ago, so that’s an awfully long time ago.”

The guitarist also noted that he does not think about whether they will have a connection in the future or not. He mentioned that he prefers to live in the present without thinking further. Snake expressed his thankfulness for everyone he has worked with and the work they have created to this date.

Sabo added when asked if they could reconnect in the future:

“You know what? I don’t know. I’ve gotta be honest — it’s not something that I think about. Truly, it’s not something that I think about. My mind is always in the present and the here and now. And I’m thankful for everything that we’ve created — all the collective people who’ve been a part of Skid Row — that we’ve all created since the very beginning up until now.”

You can check out the interview below.