Skid Row’s relatively new frontman Erik Grönwall recently confessed on his Facebook account that he had no idea how to record by himself and that he had hidden that from his bandmates.

Erik Grönwall won Swedish Idol in 2009 with heavy metal singing and jumpstarted his career. After his win, he joined H.E.A.T as their lead singer in 2012. After eight years and four albums with the band, he left and joined Skid Row in 2022.

Skid Row’s former vocalist ZP Theart parted ways with the band in 2022, and the Swedish Idol winner joined the band. They quickly got to work and didn’t cut pace at working on new songs together. However, the lead singer stated that he had to record 80% of the vocals at home even though he didn’t know how to.

He wrote on his Facebook account that he learned from his friend Jona Tee and YouTube how to record at home but hid the reality from the band. When he later revealed it to the Skid Row bassist Rachel Bolan, he stated that it’s good Erik didn’t tell him that earlier.

Here is his post:

“Here’s a funny story. ⠀

I recorded 80% of the vocals for the new Skid Row album right here in my little studio at my house. Without ever meeting the guys in the band or the producer. I had never recorded myself before, and the little experience I had was thanks to the YouTube channel.

I, of course, didn’t tell the band and our producer Nick Raskulinecz that I had no experience.

I spent a lot of time on the phone with my buddy Jona Tee who helped me, and I watched a lot of YouTube videos to figure it out. ⠀

When I met the guys in Vegas and officially became the singer, I told Rachel Bolan about it, and he basically said: ‘I’m so fucking glad you didn’t tell me that earlier.’

I had no idea what I was doing, but I figured it out, and the album will be out on October 14th!

‘If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.'”

Skid Row’s new album ‘The Gang’s All Here’ will be released on October 14. This has been good news for the fans who have been waiting for this album since their last record, ‘Revolutions per Minute’ in 2006, with Johnny Solinger on vocals.