During a recent conversation with Loudwire Nights, Skillet lead vocalist John Cooper shared his thoughts on the emergence of the pandemic in the first place. Cooper stated that people are doing terrible things these days and maybe we needed the pandemic to change it.

Skillet is known to be a Christian rock and metal band. Their religious faith has always been a great source of inspiration for their music. Their lyrics surrounded by biblical references also reflected that too. The band members never denied that they are a Christian band and on the contrary, they always said that they are proud of it.

The lead singer of the band, John Cooper, is also publicly known to be raised in a very religious atmosphere as he revealed a few times before. Cooper has always been outspoken about his Christian beliefs and in 2020, he released a book named ‘Awake & Alive: To Truth,’ in which he reflected on growing up in a Christian atmosphere. He also touched upon the messages of the Bible and showed his passion for God.

During the interview, he was asked about his opinions on why the pandemic happened. Cooper stated that firstly, we are not good people and we all need salvation. For him, we are all doing terrible things but we also go through difficult phases, which make us stronger. John Cooper explained that we experience the pandemic because we need a change. He also added that we need to remember how much we need God and without him, we won’t be able to get over it.

Here is how John Cooper explained his views on the ongoing pandemic:

“Well, the first answer is that we’re not good people. We’re all fallen and we are all in desperate need of salvation through Jesus. So, we’re not actually good people, we all do bad stuff. We all cheat, we’ve all lied, we’re all greedy, and as much as the most loving person in the whole world that you’ll ever find, that person is actually still very far off from what mankind was supposed to be, and certainly far off from who God is and the way that God truly loves in a perfect way.

I’ll just end it with this… most people would agree that when you go through trials in life, whatever they may be, there is this idea that in the end, if you make good decisions, if you follow it through, if you change your mind and struggle through it, you come out on the backside stronger than when you started. I think religious people and non-religious people seem to agree on this idea that being through the fire, that sort of refines the gold if you will, that’s what makes you stronger.

And a lot of people say, ‘You know what, that was really difficult, but I wouldn’t change it because it made me who I am today.’ And I guess what I’m saying is, in the same way from a Bible perspective, we go through these things so that God can change us and he can remind us of how much we actually need him. If we don’t have grace from God every single day, we are not going to make it.”

Skillet just released their eleventh studio album, ‘Dominion,’ on January 14, 2022, via Atlantic Records. The album includes 12 tracks in total and it is based on an experimental style with different sounds.