Guns N’ Roses co-founders Slash and Duff McKagan shared a couple of new posts on their official social media accounts today, and they mourned the death of GN’R family member and New York-based fashion icon Jimmy Webb.

As you might remember, back in April 2020, A Rock N Roll clothing store named ‘I Need More’s owner Jimmy Webb passed away from this world after his long-time struggle with cancer at the age of 62. He was also the manager of ‘Trash And Vaudeville,’ and one of the closest friends of drummer Duff McKagan and bassist Slash.

Today, both GN’R legends did not forget mourning the death of their long-time buddy on his death anniversary. While Duff chose to write a simple and plain message as always, Slash shared the photo of Jimmy which was taken by himself.

Here is what Slash wrote:

“1 year ago today we lost Jimy Webb. We miss you, Jimmy!”

And here is the message of McKagan:

“Rest in Peace Jimmy! One year ago today… You are missed so bad.”

You can check out the Slash and Duff McKagan’s posts below.

Photo Credit: Slash – Instagram