Guns N’ Roses’ lead guitarist Slash recently posted a black and white photo on his Instagram account which was taken during a Pearl Jam concert and celebrated their frontman, Eddie Vedder’s birthday.

As you probably know, Slash enjoys using his Instagram account to share photos that he finds amusing, celebrate the birthdays of the rockstars that he’s a fan and friend of, and pay tribute to legendary rockstars. His fans know, that if they want to see some sneak peeks from his daily life, they need to follow his girlfriend, Meegan Hodges.

Slash recently posted a photo of Eddie Vedder on his Instagram account and celebrated his friend’s and fellow rockstar’s birthday with a photo that perfectly reflected the amount of energy and craziness that Vedder brought to the stage. Vedder can be seen hanging from a high point on the stage overlooking his surprised fans.

He celebrated Pearl Jam’s lead vocalist, guitarist, and primary lyricist’s birthday with a simple ‘happy birthday’ and commemorated the amazing times he had on stage. His post was liked by almost fifty thousand people and received hundreds of comments which appreciated Vedder’s career as an iconic rockstar.

Here’s what Slash said in the caption of his recent Instagram post:

“Happy Birthday Eddie Vedder.”

You can check out the photo that Slash posted on his Instagram account below.