In a new video shared by Gibson, guitar icon Slash revealed his thoughts about new Gibson Freebird Signature guitar. (transcriped by Ultimate-guitar) Here’s the statement:

Everybody loves a Firebird. I haven’t used a Firebird in public live since 1986, so I’m really excited about that.

There’s a general excitement that goes on with bringing out a new guitar. I’ve been trying different older Gibson models from before, but to do an actual custom model – we haven’t done that… It turned out great.

I think I’ve been chasing the Firebird since the ’80s... So, given the opportunity to work with Gibson, I said, ‘Let’s try this one more time!’ [Laughs]

Originally, I just always liked the way Firebirds looked. The way the old Firebirds are set up was never really my thing, but I’ve always been attracted to them.

So I thought it’d be cool to try to make one that was a little bit more of a humbucker-type of guitar. We managed to get that together and it sounds really good, I’m really happy.”

You can watch the entire video from below.

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