Guns N’ Roses legends Slash was recently interviewed by Futuro 88.9 FM and revealed that Guns N’ Roses will be working on a new album after the upcoming tour.

Slash confirms that he’s gonna hook up with Guns N’ Roses after the small tour in October.

Here is what Slash said:

“There’s been so much talk about this new Guns N’ Roses record, which we haven’t actually done anything with.

So we’re gonna sort of focus on that. And then The Conspirators will be regrouping some time coming up, depending on what Guns N’ Roses is doing. But I’ve already started putting together material for the new Conspirators record.”

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Guns N’ Roses legend Slash had a recent interview with Kerrang and revealed his thoughts about Michael Jackson. Here is what he said:

“I had a phone call from my manager where he said, ‘Michael is trying to get in touch with you,’ and I was like, ‘Wow.’ So I called him back and he wanted me to play on Dangerous. We made a date and I went down to the Record Plant in Hollywood and he was there with [actor] Brooke Shields.

That was very surreal. These were two people that I’d sort of grown up with, in a way. So we hung out for two minutes and they went off to dinner and left me with this song. I did my thing, he really dug it and afterwards he kept asking me if I’d be into doing this, or doing that.

I’d do some shows here and there and it was fun because he was such a pro, and he was such a fucking talent from on high. That was the main thing: he was so amazingly musically fluid. Such a treat to be around.”

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