Guns N’ Roses legend Slash had a recent interview with 101 WRIF Detroit’s The Meltdown and revealed that Guns N’ Roses are already started working on new stuff.

Here is Slash’s statement:

“The thing is, we haven’t really done anything yet, and I don’t like to say anything. Do you know how people used to promote shit and lie through their teeth? So I just wanted to be honest about it, and so there was really no telling what we were gonna do at that point.

But at this point, I do know that we are gonna do this run of shows in the fall, and we’ve already started working on stuff. So, there you go.”

He also responded to the rumors about him headed to Axl Rose’s house to record:

“There was a rumor that I was over there, and it was before I had even been there. So, I was, like, ‘Jesus Christ.’

And that’s just a pain in the ass and annoying.’ But I am excited about what we’ve got going on and everything, so it’s gonna be cool.”

You can listen to the whole interview below: