Guns N’ Roses legend Slash was recently interviewed by Rock Cellar and revealed fascinating news for the GN’R fans who were waiting long enough for the new album.

Rock Cellar:

“You recently made the news. You said in an interview a month or so ago, there’s probably enough songs for a new Guns N’ Roses album, is that true?”


“No, you know, by the time it gets to the place where anybody’s read it, it’s morphed into something more than what I directly said. There is material that Axl’s been working on for a while. It could be enough for a record if we put it all together.

Everybody has got demos, and everybody’s got material, and this that and the other, for whatever it could be. It’s just a matter of us focusing on it.

So it’s really hard to answer questions on the next Guns thing.”

Slash also gives a crucial date about the album and indicated the times after September/October festivals.

Rock Cellar:

“Do you have a vision for it beyond the August dates, when you wrap?”


“Well, once the Conspirators wrap things up, at some point, my focus is going to be on Guns, as soon as that is over. Because then Guns has a late September/October festival run coming up. So the focus will be totally around Guns.

But like I always do, I wrote a bunch of new material while out on the road with the Conspirators. So I have a bunch of new material for Conspirators when the time comes that we can get back in the studio and do the next.”

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