Guns N’ Roses’ legendary guitarist Slash paid his tribute to Metallica’s late bass guitarist Cliff Burton by sharing an onstage photo of Cliff via his official Instagram account.

For over months, Slash has been sharing photos and drawings of naked women on social media continuously and some of the fans have been criticizing this behavior for a while.

Furthermore, Slash even forgot to share a picture of Cliff and remember him on the same day of his death anniversary. After two days, Slash paid his tribute to the legendary bass guitarist and showed his respect for Cliff.

While over 13K people were pushing the like button of this post less than two hours, some of the fans finally relieved to see him sharing a normal post and shared their reactions in the caption.

Here is what Slash captioned:

iiii]; )'”

A fan user named Du Haust added this comment:

“Finally something normal from Slash!”

Another fan named Kanye wrote:

“Woa something not hentai!”

You can check out the post below.

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iiii]; )'

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