The lead guitarist of Guns N’ Roses, Slash, posted a picture with his long-lasting girlfriend, Meegan Hodges, on his official Instagram account and celebrated her birthday with a bold romantic message.

After being left by his second wife, Perla Ferrar, Slash got back together with his old-time girlfriend Meegan Hodges, and the couple has been happily together ever since.

Slash has recently posted an intimate picture of him and Meegan to celebrate her 48th birthday. He also added a romantic caption to the photo, which was saying that she is the light of his life.

Here’s what Slash wrote as the caption of his Instagram post:

“Happy Birthday Meegan Hudges, you are the light of my life honey. I love you!”

Check out his post on Instagram below.

Additionally, Meegan Hodges shared the photo of a huge colorful bouquet send by Slash with a lovely little note, which will make jealous everyone who sees it.

You can see Meegan’s post on Instagram below.