Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash spoke in an interview with Hard Drive Radio and explained why he used digital equipment when he recorded his new solo album. He said that he used digital equipment because analog is too expensive.

Here’s the statement:

“I like analog because I’m a fan of the way analog sounds. But going into the studio – like a commercial studio – and paying for it and all that kind of stuff is pretty taxing financially.

And the way the record business is now, to break even on a record that you spent that much money on – the chances of you getting the money back are pretty slim. So I finally resigned to doing it digitally because it’s just less gear, less time, less a lot of things.

Elvis, the guy who produced it – Mike Baskette, but we call him Elvis Liberace – he’s a really great engineer and a great producer. He used some equipment that really softened up the whole digital approach.

And when you listen to it, you don’t think of it as a digital record. And I’m gonna release it on vinyl just because it’s that soft-sounding. Yeah, I’m a vinyl guy.”

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‘Living the Dream’ track listing:

1. The Call of the Wild
2. Serve You Right
3. My Antidote
4. Mind Your Manners
5. Lost Inside the Girl
6. Read Between the Lines
7. Slow Grind
8. The One You Loved Is Gone
9. Driving Rain
10. Sugar Cane
11. The Great Pretender
12. Boulevard of Broken Hearts