Guns N’ Roses lead guitarist Slash revealed whether he is the one who posts all of these different contents on his official Instagram account during his latest interview with iHeart Radio.

The hardcore Slash fans and followers know that the guitarist is a very active social media user, especially on Instagram. He shares things from both his personal life and musical projects, such as announcing his new album entitled ‘4’ with Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators.

However, other than these, Slash’s Instagram is full of memes or edited photos, including some pornographic ones, which get reposted from the other accounts. That’s why it’s normal to feel suspicious about opening his Stories or the account in general. So, Slash was asked to answer the question about who’s in charge of it during his recent conversation.

Slash responded, saying that he’s posting these memes and photos, but the announcements about merchandise and his upcoming projects are released by an office, probably by public relations. He highlighted that it would be very weird to pay someone to post these kinds of memes.

In Slash’s words, he said:

I do all my own Instagram stuff, except for, there are certain things that have to do with, like, merchandise that’s for sale, and an office does that, but I do all the other stuff. The majority of stuff that I find, if you notice, I just repost other peoples’ shit.

Because I don’t have time… You can spend countless hours going down the rabbit hole, finding images online in general. It’s me. I physically do it. I couldn’t imagine anybody having to do that shit for me.

You can check out the interview below.