Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash spoke in an interview with Theresa Rockface and revealed the unheard story about how Guns N’ Roses reunion idea grown up when he was an anti-Guns guy.

He said that Stone Temple Pilots ve Velvet Revolver singer Scott Weiland was very supportive for Guns N’ Roses reunion.

On Guns N’ Roses playing the Velvet Revolver song “Slither” live, Slash said:

“It was cool to do it. In a way, I think it was sort of cathartic for Duff [McKagan] and I to be doing it. Scott [Weiland] was always very supportive of the idea of Guns getting back together, and I was such the anti-Guns guy.

I have to be honest. It was just me being stubborn and whatnot, so it was great being up there performing that song, something that we did with Scott, and [since] he had always thought that we should get back together, it had a combination of little things to it.”

He continued on performing live:

“The thing is about playing live for me is it’s a great platform for me to be able to improvise. I probably get the most practicing in, and the most creative output from coming up with ideas on the fly while we’re out there in front of a bunch of people as opposed to sitting around on the couch, trying to think up something.”

In 2015, Scott Weiland has passed away at age 48. According to Wikipedia, the cause of death was determined to be multiple drug intoxication, with coronary atherosclerosis and cardiomegaly being significant contributing factors.

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