Guns N’ Roses legend Slash had a recent interview with 101 WRIF Detroit’s The Meltdown and revealed the reason why Zakk Wylde joined Guns N’ Roses.

Here is his statement:

“Right before I left in 1996, I guess, Guns N’ Roses were rehearsing at this place called The Complex in Santa Monica, California, and Zakk came down.

“I’ve always been buddies with Zakk, but in the certain context of Guns N’ Roses, it was some weird kind of thing.

We jammed for a little bit and then – not because of Zakk, but it just wasn’t working. And pretty soon after, I was gone.”

Slash admitted that Zakk Wyle was one of Guns N’ Roses’ desperate moves:

“Well, you know, I think it was one of those desperate moves at the time when something needed to happen.

It was just a crazy idea that happened. I think it would have been a little bit over the top if Zakk and myself were out there… Cool nonetheless.”

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