Guns n’ Roses guitarist Slash spoke in an interview with Guitar Interactive, and revealed the real reason of why he uses his iconic guitar Gibson Les Paul.

Here’s the statement:

“It was just something I felt comfortable with. I came into this at a strange time, I was really influenced by everything prior to the ’80s. I started in the 80s, there was a lot of guitar stuff going on, but really everything that I was into was way before that.

I just picked up what felt natural to me. I was influenced by a lot of guitar players, I’ve seen pictures of them with this particular guitar, which sounded good to me and looked cool; I just automatically grabbed it.

At the same time, I was sort of not really into the direction where sort of rock ‘n’ roll guitar was going in the ’80s; there was a certain kind of thing going on that I wasn’t really relating to, sort of, like, the Strat-style things, or all these really flamboyant-style guitars with whammy bars. So, I was just sticking with my old-school…”

He also shared his opinion on Gibson declaring bankruptcy, and said:

“I wasn’t worried about it at all. I was actually happy to see something happening. A lot of focus of the company was going in directions that weren’t necessarily benefiting purists like me and a lot of Gibson fans.

So you knew something was going to happen, and when it did, I was sort of glad to see it happen. All that stuff, it wasn’t affecting the guitar side of things, but on a financial level, it was affecting the company name with all these outside projects. So they scrapped all that, and they’ve got a great new CEO [James ‘JC’ Curleight] now.”

Watch the entire interview below. Click here for the source.