In BBC Radio 2’s video series to celebrate The Rolling Stones’ 60th anniversary, Guns N’ Roses icon Slash reflected on the importance of Keith Richards on many rock guitarists, including himself.

The Rolling Stones are probably one of the most famous rock bands in music history. In today’s rock music scene, the Rolling Stones continue to shine in the spotlight. While they were young and experiencing fame, the group consistently made headlines for their free and wild side.

The group dabbled with drugs in its early days. Keith Richards’ substance addiction was one of the things that made him look like a ‘bad boy’ rock guitarist. Despite being a shy and introverted person, drugs allowed him to deal with fame, but he managed to turn things around. Richards gained worldwide fame as the Rolling Stones’ guitarist and co-songwriter. His talent and musicianship made Keith a prominent figure on the rock and roll stage.

In a recent interview with BBC Radio 2, Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash described Keith Richards as the ‘bad boy’ rock guitarist who changed the game for other players in the industry. Slash also stated that Richards is the archetype of rebellious rock guitarists that he and other guitarists took as an example.

Slash’s thoughts on Keith Richards:

“He is definitely the archetypal ‘bad boy’ rock guitarist personified. He is the model that all of us rebellious rock guitar players followed.”

You can listen to the radio broadcast below.